The Discovery of Kuzco

The Discovery of Kuzco // 245 pages // 4.25″ x 6.88″


Kuzco, Missouri is a little place–alternately viewed as the middle of nowhere or “The Navel of the Universe”–where an assortment of individuals converge and divide in cycles of community. An easy-going drummer with a dark edge, a Black Studies professor, a despondent history adjunct, a first-generation mother and student, a hip young couple, a tough, lone young woman, and the legacy of an enigmatic pioneer–the stories of these distinct characters merge into a broader narrative like myriad tributaries flowing into the great Mississippi River watershed.

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Coyote Underground

Coyote Underground is a short novella about a seventeen-year-old whose innocent interest in a group of anarchists leaves her guilty by association. Without any close alliescoy-cover-front at home, Coyote goes underground and attempts to traverse the state for the support of some new friends, but along the way her trouble grows worse. 94 pages // 4.25″ x 6.88″

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