Antichrist President as a Self-Fulfillment of Morbid Eschatology

Donald Trump is an antichrist. He is a person who claims to be our nation’s savior while embodying the opposite characteristics of Jesus of Nazareth, as he appears in the gospels. Trump has spent his entire life promoting a personal brand, and he has never done anything in the interest of helping others. He has discriminated against people of color in his housing. He has violently assaulted his former spouse and other women. He creates enemies then turns to them with hatred and retaliation. He condones torture and the killing of children.

The devil who entices this false messiah, then, is Steve Bannon, a white-supremacist Christian-nationalist who pursues the possibility of pushing America into a cataclysmic conflict against Islam and the East in which millions of innocent people would die and suffer. Bannon sits beside Trump and whispers his hot breath into the presidential ear.

It is not so ironic, however, that 80 percent of white evangelical voters elevated an antichrist to the most powerful political office in the world, since their faith in white nationalism tends to dominate their zeal for Christ. Furthermore, their morbid eschatology demands fire from heaven and gathering armies, so why not go ahead and empower an antichrist in order to realize their prophesy? After all, if secular humanism and an inclusive liberation theology gradually bring about a more harmonious society, then moral progress would leave evangelicals looking like members of an archaic death cult.